Brendan Evans

Brendan Evans is a fitness coach, nutrition consultant, fitness consultant, and competitive athlete/fitness model living in South Florida, originally from the DC suburbs.  Area of specialty (goal wise) is fat loss and conditioning.  Brendan also has studied all aspects of fitness, including but not limited to: training aerobically, training anaerobically, weight training, nutrition, supplementation, and yoga.

The majority of this blog is written to an intermediate audience, one more advanced than the majority of those hiring trainers (who are not athletes or models), but less advanced than those dieting for a competition or photoshoot.  Ironically, the intermediate “Gym Rats” as they are sometimes called, are the socioeconomic group least likely to hire a trainer.  Both the overweight person, and the competitive athlete or bodybuilder… are more likely to hire someone to teach them, than the intermediate trainee.  The reason for this is that typical intermediate trainee tends to think that they know more than they actually do…  Those that are terribly out of shape frequently hire trainers because they have more money than internal drive, and the trainer becomes more a drill seargent than a teacher.  Those who give fitness 100% dedication, and see others acheiving more than them, are frequently humbled by the experience enough to ask for advice (when the individual is giving 100% and sees others acheiving more, realizing that their 100% effort is yielding less than a 100% result).  Those who put forth a 75% effort, never get out of shape enough to panic and hire a trainer as a last resort, but never try HARD ENOUGH to actually prove to themselves that there are people more knowledgable on the topic than themselves.

“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”  – Michael Jordan

You can’t fully fail at anything unless you give it your 100% effort.  Without full failure, you will not be learning from experience, and those lessons learned from experience are always more applicable and more permanently ingrained in the person’s mind, than those learned from books and/or school.  I sincerely regret not hiring a trainer early in my lifting career… I could have arrived at the point I am at now knowledge and physique wise, while wasting less time, and wasting less EFFORT.

This blog should be a good source of information for the Gym Rats out there to improve their lifting/diet/nutrition habits.  I am giving the info away for free because I know gym rats don’t hire trainers, they read.  I know this because I was once a regular Gym Rat.  The information will be common sense for professionals (maybe not ALL “professionals” 🙂  ), and too advanced for beginners to put into context (Therefore I will not be losing money by giving this information out for free.  I know enough that the only “secrets” I guard closely, are things I learn by experience, that seem not to have been written about as of 2012).

Not everyone agrees with me on everything (and vice versa), but 98% of the information is agreed upon by most drug free competitive athletes and models.  Frequently coaches who preach different methods from eachother, do so because training is affecting diet, or supplementation is affecting training, or just some part of the whole big picture is being ignored.  When the entire picture of training/diet/supplementation is put into perspective, one will realize that the dieting disagreements are in compensation for different training volumes, or that the total carb intake is different due to a different supplementation protocol.  I am getting ahead of myself and into overly complex topics.  I will say it one more time:

98% of the information is the same information, over and over again, regurgitated by everyone who is drug free and actually doing it.  I am not going to define “doing it.”

That is the last thing I have to say, but it is to prove one point.  With fitness there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things, this is science and not a matter of opinion.  Magazines have the public sold on fitness basically being a matter of opinion, but it is because they need to sell products, and articles, faster than actual scientific discoveries are being made.

The richest people in fitness are the CEO’s of the companies selling the “quick fix” devices sold on TV at 2 am, and at 11 am, when everyone is at work. (shake weight anyone?)

The second richest people, are the highest paid sports trainers in the world, who tell it like it is.

^^The above phenomenon is the main culprit responsible for the spread of misinformation.  It may not be as obvious as the “shake weight”, it may even be the guy trying to sell you a pre-workout supplement.  Marketing tricks make more money than the cold hard truth.

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