Carbohydrates are the most annoying macronutrient.  They taste the best, are unecessary for the human body to function (not essential), and they cause most people’s unwanted fat gain.  Before I go into carbs I need to give a little tiny amount of background information on insulin.  I am not writing this post trying […]

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MALE WEIGHTLIFTERS ONLY;           Of the three macronutrients, protein, carbs, and fat, protein intake seems to be the area that the most people experience the most confusion.  Protein is what the human body’s muscles are made of, and protein intake needs to be increased in order to promote protein synthesis, which is what it is […]

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Frequently Overlooked Exercises to Build Mass (listed)/ Busting through plateaus 2

In my article “smashing through plateaus” I explained that varying your routine is the key to avoiding plateaus.  Plateaus are, essentially, a side effect of going into the gym and doing the same thing for too long of a period.  The human body adapts to stimulus…. but eventually…  the body will have done all of the adapting […]

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Why People Fail

  The vast majority of people trying to transform their body fail due to lack of knowledge.  It is the knowledge, that makes this process easier.  It has frequently been said that “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”  Similar sayings are applicable to other things.  You can’t make up for lack of knowledge by simply […]

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Train With A Purpose!

This post deals with goal setting. Once you have surpassed the beginning stages of exercising (months 1-3) goal setting will become more and more crucial with regard to receiving a decent return for your efforts in the gym or on the field. Goals need to be set for both the short and the long term, […]

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The Power of Thought

As my career in fitness continues, I am consistently startled at the same disturbing trend popping up again and again in my consultations with potential clients.  It seems that, contrary to what you would think is the case, that generally the more in-shape individuals tend to be very dissatisfied with their current level of conditioning, […]

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The 5 Basic Movements

This post deals with the 5 most standard movements that the human body is intended to perform while bearing weight.  There are other movements (such as running or swimming) but are not necessarily meant to be performed bearing a heavy load.  There are also other weightlifting exercises that work well, but if it is one […]

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Thermic Effect of Food

A CASE AGAINST CALORIES (Thermic Effect of Food) Many aspects of metabolism are very difficult and even impossible to explain without a decent background in nutrition or biochemistry.  The thermic effect of food is not one of these concepts.  Once it boils down to it, it is ARITHMETIC.  Simple addition and subtraction. The way it […]

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Mission Statement

Basic Fundamentals of Nutrition and Training for Aesthetics and Sports Performance                 Before we move forward I must explain the basic purpose of this website.  All good sources of information on nonfiction topics that are to be studied should do this somewhere towards the beginning.  I am a no bullshit practical minded person concerned with […]

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