The Power of Thought

As my career in fitness continues, I am consistently startled at the same disturbing trend popping up again and again in my consultations with potential clients.  It seems that, contrary to what you would think is the case, that generally the more in-shape individuals tend to be very dissatisfied with their current level of conditioning, and the most out of shape individuals are very complacent and fairly satisfied with their level of conditioning (which is sometimes putting them at risk for multiple diseases and even death).

Common sense would say that the overweight or morbidly obese individual would be the dissatisfied one, and that those with very competitive athletic level statistics would be those satisfied with their appearance and health.  This is not the case, and I have found again and again that the inverse is true, which brings me back to the power of the human mind and thoughts.

Any period of change in an individual’s life is always going to begin with a plan.  Whether the plan is formalized, or whether it is fairly spontaneous, you are still planning, whether you are aware of it or not.  Unless you are in “fight or flight” mode, and are running/fighting for your life, you are thinking about everything you do for at least a second before you begin to do it.

When you examine things this way, it makes perfect sense that out of shape individuals are very satisfied, and in-shape individuals seem to recognize a need for change or improvement (It is their mind state that has gotten them to where they are today…).  The human mind is much more powerful than it seems.  Most people’s level of physical fitness is a fairly accurate reflection of their mind state.  Those who have made exercise and healthy lifestyle a priority are in excellent physical shape.  Those who do not care, tend to be out of shape.

I have found this to be extremely interesting.  The fitness model coworker/trainers are waking up at 5 am to eat breakfast, measuring their chicken breast on a scale and their brown rice in a cup, keeping their macronutrient ratios as exact as possible (I’m not saying this is mentally healthy, but it’s a hell of a lot healthier than priming your body for a heart attack).  The ex marine with 8% body fat is disgusted with his “subcutaneous fat” that he didn’t have at a younger age, and repeatedly pinches his stomach skin (like a bodyfat caliper), seeming grossed out and asking for advice on how to get it as thin as the skin on the back of his hand.  The professional cheerleader with a four-pack needs to get “back in shape” and have a full six pack.

However, without fail, if I sit down with a female who is close to 50% body fat, and over 200 lbs, I hear something along the lines of “I know what I’m doing….”

Time to wake up!  Are you aware that your body is a fairly accurate reflection of what you have been doing for the past 2 to 3 years?  Steroids and stimulant filled fat burners may give a temporary boost (that may disappear or even reverse when they are discontinued)….  But look in the mirror and be aware that the way you look is a direct reflection of your physical activity and diet during the recent and somewhat distant past.

You will never need to tell me that you know what you are doing, I will always be able to tell just by looking at you.  With modern technology, supplementation, and blood testing, “genetics” is no longer an excuse, because a simple cheap test will pinpoint any setbacks so that corrective action can be taken. 

This is how I feel.
This is how I feel.

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