Having a Life and Maintaining (email response)

What I was trying to say, with the biking, and to a lesser extent with the outdoor sprinting….  Is that there are 2 phases to this fitness thing.  Really there are 3, psychologically, but I don’t deal with people in the first one.

1.  Contemplation Stage- Talking about it.  Procrastinating.  Eating crap.  However, the mental idea that change needs to be made has been acknowledged, it is just being pushed aside.  This is you a year ago.

2.  Change stage.  This is when you physically feel like shit and you are regularly very sore.  This is when short periods of time can produce before/afters.  This is intervals every other day, and lifting every other day, to get you out of that “fat zone” asap, so that you don’t fall into the most common trap (relapsing into not exercising and into eating unhealthy without ever actually becoming “in-shape”…..  Like if you had lost total 10 lbs then fallen off the wagon.  That is sadly what happens to most people, and it is very discouraging to work hard, and then not even get close to where you want to be.)

3.  Maintenance stage:  This is where you start decreasing the # of intense workouts per week, as you approach ideal bodyweight/bodyfat %, physique, or performance indicators.  Contrary to common sense as many things in fitness are, it is better to have the fat person killing themselves on a treadmill, and the in-shape person jogging and going for bike rides (unless that in-shape person has an incredibly difficult level of development they are shooting for, or a competition of some sort)…

What I was trying to say, with talking about getting into bike riding, or playing basketball again, is that now, after a decrease of 40-50 lbs or whatever it is, understand that the intense intervals are to create change.  You can be ripped and stay equally ripped just by eating generally healthy, working out 2 to 3 times a week with weights, and just being generally active (basketball, throw the football, jogging, bikeriding, whatever you enjoy).

Recent studies have shown that an “all or nothing” mindset with regards to dieting, over the long run (years), is associated with obesity.  The reason for this is obvious: The people who can only mentally diet in extreme ways, always burn out in the long run.  I would imagine, and have witnessed myself, that the same is true in the gym.  Because the metaphorical “finish line” is within view, you don’t need to be training the way you were before.  NOT STOPPING working out at this point is the most important thing…  (see my article 2 steps forward one step backward).

You said you want the swimmer/runners build…  Then do 2-4 real “workouts” a week, whether you do lactic acid training or just regular weights is your call.  On your off days try to just be healthy, get fresh air, do things you enjoy that are physically active.

The routine I wrote originally was for a man who wanted to drop at least 25% bodyfat in less than 6 months.  Now you are trying to increase definition and lose 15 lbs, which is completely different.

You need to think of it this way.  Eating healthy, will guarantee you aren’t gaining fat (on any given day).  On days you have nothing to do, and lots of energy, do the same intense workouts you used to do.  Because you have such little weight to lose, these workouts don’t need to be nearly as frequent.

My job as your trainer as you approach your goal, is to make sure you make healthy lifestyle, working out, and healthy eating into a lifestyle, and just DON’T STOP…

Continuing to really tax yourself at this point, given your goal, is unnecessary, and counterproductive, because it increases likelihood of burning out.

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