Steroids, Genetics, and other Excuses


This is in response to what I have been hearing a lot of lately.  First of all let me set the record straight on steroids and then I will move on to genetics because they are inter-related…

Anabolic steroids are hormones.  They work, very well, and add muscle to individuals rapidly.  The known side effects are damage to the cardiovascular system (both lipids and blood pressure), possible sexual side effects (less likely), and from oral pills kidney and liver damage (Bearing in mind blood pressure issues can damage any organ in the body).

The main guaranteed side effect that any user will get if they are used regularly, is lowered testosteroneThe main steroid is….  testosterone.  Usage of the most common steroid, is known to lower levels of that very same chemical (which is produced naturally in the testicles).  Higher testosterone=an easier time building muscle, and lower testosterone=a harder time building muscle.  So if steroids cause lower testosterone, they are a shortcut that in the long run has the opposite effect, and reduces speed of progress(unless they are used continually… aka on and off for life).

Setting the record straight.  I see two types of people on steroids:

A)  People who are trying to make up for lack of diet knowledge/willpower.  They can’t lost all the fat and want to look like this:


Due to lack of willpower (less often), and lack of know-how (more often), they get frustrated.  In the end they realize that they can’t get below 12% bodyfat (most people).  However, they still want the extreme muscle deffinition.  The only way to accomplish this, without actually learning the dieting methods to lose all their fat, is to rapidly increase muscle mass (muscle deffinition is a relationship of muscle mass/fat).  Losing fat in non-steroid users can occur much faster than gaining muscle.  It takes 1 week to lose 3 lbs of fat and typically 5 weeks to gain 1 lb of muscle.

In frustration, because most men have issues with asking for assistance (think about getting lost and asking for directions lol), they turn to steroids, and end up like this:
…Which doesn’t look bad….  The only issue is that you have to remember that it is bad for the cardiovascular system (leading cause of death in the U.S.)…  And that it doesn’t last.  When the individual comes off steroids they will lose the vast majority of muscle they gained while “on”, and not only that, have a harder time gaining muscle for 3 months to life because of having lowered their natural testosterone.

Every human male who does not have a metabolic issue has the genetic ability to get ripped.  If you do not have that ability, a simple blood test of the major hormones (and if not a major hormone an obscure hormone), will identify why you cannot lose weight/gain muscle.  Hormone replacement therapy is frequently testosterone, thyroid hormone, etc….. (“steroids”… but they are a medication when there is a defficiency).


B)  The second type of individuals using steroids are professional athletes, who have money to make, and events/competitions to prep for…  Perhaps…  Just perhaps, they care a little bit more about putting an extra 2 million in their daughter’s trust fund, than what “the public” thinks of them….  So they risk it.  I think the demonization of pro athletes for using steroids is just plain silly given the amount of money on the line.  Either stop testing, or create a testing system that can’t be beat.  Testing once or twice a year for compounds that are detectable for 6 days is just plain silly.  Then somebody slips up and they are on the cover of every newspaper for a year, despite there being other “users” on the field with them.

Likewise to every male , every human female is capable of getting “toned”, unless there is a hidden metabolic issue.

I would encourage any men, who feel they suffer from low testosterone, to get tested.  If you have insurance, it will be cheap, just get a referral from your primary care physician.  If you want to go the wellness route you can get a test done by an anti-aging clinic, such as leafitup (Hollywood, FL), or dnasportslab (Miami Beach, FL).  Make sure you tell them Brendan Evans sent you.

I would also encourage any overweight females who feel there is a metabolic issue to get tested.

This article is written in response to way too many men asking way to many questions about fat burners, supplements, and steroids (drugs, shortcuts, etc.).  It is also written in response to friends, who secretly think I use steroids (I can read facial expressions and vocal tone very well, and I can tell by where conversation leads, sometimes, what a person is thinking).  The article is also written in response to a plethora of overweight females with no hormonal issues, talking about their “genetic setbacks” (most of them only have impaired insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism from overeating [aka pre-diabetes], but nothing from birth, nothing genetically).

I would encourage everyone to realize that improving the efficiency of your routine>ANY supplement (improved workout and diet methods will cause a lasting increase in speed of improvement, for longer than a 30 day supplement supply)….  And that health/recovery aids (creatine, vitamin c)>steroids, fat burners, and drugs (because there is no muscle loss or fat gain when these substances are discontinued, besides the fact that they promote health, rather than decreasing it).

Moral of the story…  IF you feel you have a serious genetic setback, I would encourage you to visit your PCP or an anti-aging clinic to get tested.  If there is an issue it will be remedied.  Once it is fixed the excuse is gone.

Other than that, no excuses!  Take the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary!  You have an “imaginary barrier”(excuse), holding you back….  Knowledge is power…  Learn how to do it right over all else!  If you feel compelled to buy “products”…  Buy the ones that tend to increase lifespan and decrease aging in addition to burning fat and/or increasing muscle!  These are usually the supplements that work the best anyway.

Stay away from stimulant-filled fat burners, steroids (or legal gnc steroids), and other unhealthy shortcuts.  There are no real shortcuts in life…

“There are no shortcuts in life, only those we imagine.” – Frank Leahy

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