Mission Statement

Basic Fundamentals of Nutrition and Training for Aesthetics and Sports Performance

                Before we move forward I must explain the basic purpose of this website.  All good sources of information on nonfiction topics that are to be studied should do this somewhere towards the beginning.  I am a no bullshit practical minded person concerned with real life solutions to problems, so I will summarize, rather than sell, in the first paragraph.  I am not going to try to sell you the training, my results and my clients’ results should sell it, and the site is to serve as a point of reference.  This website can serve as a decent alternative to a fitness coach with some true expertise (hard to find these days).  By opening things this way, I can save you some time if you are looking for information on a slightly different micro-field within the fitness industry.


                “The basic fundamentals of nutrition and training” means that the site is basic ideas and facts regarding diet, nutrition, and training.  Advanced concepts will be intentionally ignored until the foundation upon which the advanced concepts are built has been thoroughly explained within the site itself.  “For aesthetics and sports performance” means the two measurements of progress we are trying to improve upon are aesthetics and sports performance.  This site is based on scientific and practical approaches and within the website the variable will continually be diet or training, the constants are to be everything else, and the results being measured are aesthetics and/or sports performance.               

                I have continually found that the general public, particularly in America, is unaware of the importance of nutrition.  This is never so true as in the gym.  Many gym-goers see the same people killing themselves every week and making absolutely no progress.  Sorry brother, the guys lifting all the huge weights next to you eat more meat…  Or you see the guy who keeps trying to get ripped, but can’t, because he is drinking 2,000 “empty” kcal in the form of alcohol, and beer carbohydrates every Friday and Saturday.  I hate non-scientific jargon (“broscience” or “pseudoscience”)…  It makes me use quotation marks, parenthesis, and italics excessively in order to label a word as having absolutely no real concrete physical meaning.  Anyway, I digress; the purpose of this website is to illustrate and explain how to eat and exercise in such a way that it causes you to look better and improves your performance in sports.  I choose these two because they are my favorite two reasons to workout, and because they are nearly identical.  If we made a venn diagram of sports performance and aesthetics, almost the entire diagram would be shared qualities in the middle.  Being aesthetic and having good performance in sports, indirectly causes one to become healthier (as long as unhealthy means[drugs] are not being used to boost performance or appearance).  Health, on the other hand, has many unique qualities that are unrelated to aesthetics or sports performance, such as blood pressure, or mental health.  There is a reason medical school is 8 years, and therefore “health and exercise” is too broad a topic to write about.  Usually improving physical performance requires efforts above and beyond what is necessary to improve health….  This is why trainers who really do not know what they are doing tend to gravitate towards the “health” exercise crowd.  In order to know what is necessary to completely manipulate your physical appearance with your diet, you have to AT LEAST know how to exercise to lose weight and improve health.  You are going to be informed of how to manipulate what you eat and how you exercise in order to become bigger, stronger, faster, quicker, increase flexibility, improve agility, improve endurance, and improve recovery time.  These also happen to be the things that promote aesthetic improvements.  No “tightening and toning” here, I am not a salesperson. (For those who don’t realize “tightening and toning”=increasing muscle mass, and decreasing fat, for women and out of shape men…  The appearance will be “tightened” and “toned” but really these words have no meaning, and the “toned” female crowd is the group with the most glute muscle and the least bodyfat %).   I am interested in the science and the art of fitness, not the business side that frequently ruins it.

I consider supplementation these days to be a field that falls underneath the umbrella of nutrition.  It ceases to be “supplementation” if it falls under the category of “drugs.”  For example, if you took acetyl-l-carnitine, it would qualify as supplementation because l-carnitine naturally exists within the human body, and naturally exists in nature and thus is eaten in food.  However, if you took yohimbine to lose fat, even though you are taking a pill for the same intended purpose in both cases, one is a drug, the other is an amino acid byproduct.  Supplements these days work very well.  They are not YET better than food, but they are improving at a very rapid rate.  Most new “breakthroughs” in supplementation are products that existed nutritionally within food.

                That is really all I have to say, dig in.

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