intervals+weights+carb cycling

ImageThis is what the result looks like, in someone with average genetics who does not do steroids.

Making sure you use a couple of indicators of progress related to maximal strength (for me deadlift, pullups, overhead press, front squat), ensures you will at least be “big” by normal people standards (as long as you use the progressive overload method, and lift either the same, or more weight every single workout… No steps backward).

Making sure you use some indicators of progress that relate to bodyweight as well as muscular strength (sprinting, swimming, bodyweight calisthenics) guarantees you cannot hold bodyfat. You will lose it, maybe slow, maybe fast, but you will slowly lose it until it is all gone. (As long as you also use the progressive overload method, meaning times decrease or stay the same, speeds increase or stay the same, reps increase or stay the same[within a time period]… No steps backward)

Carb cycling is simply the name professionals have given to the practice of pairing your carbohydrate intake in exact precision with your insulin sensitivity and muscular needs. You eat exactly the amount the muscle can absorb at the time, and eat nothing more to spillover into fat, this way there are no steps backward.

Combine the three you have dynamite.


Brendan 2

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