Crossfit Rant

The issue isn’t that crossfit is a bad program. The issue is that crossfit doesn’t take into account over=training and injuries. In efforts to increase revenue, they urge their clients to “crossfit” more frequently than their bodys can recover from.

(This is a complete rant off of an email, but there is a lot of good info within)

You know what the sad thing is is its(Crossfit is) a decent style of training to improve a bodybuilding routine…. like once per week…not 3 times. Does wonders for conditioning, and being more anaerobically conditioned in the long run leads to a better recovery rate, both outside of the gym, and in between sets… This leads to more sets per workout (in the same time) and quicker recovery (so you can hit the gym more often). Crossfit is like hiit/gymnastics/strongman wrapped into one. These gyms just have to make money so they recommend 4x per week, so they can charge more. Realistically, increases in IGF-1 from lactic acid training last 48 hours, so even if fat loss was the ONLY goal, benefits would still top out at 3x per week.

I had the beginning of rhabdo in the spring… I felt very sick… It was not from crossfit but it was from combining bodybuilding style lifting with a crossfit competitors workout (I worked at the competitors facility, so I had free classes, always), working out every day, alternatnig between the two. I did this with an extreme supplementation protocol and detoxing diet that was super high protein fiber and antioxidant (400g/day protein).

Still had elevate creatinine kinase levels and got sick, but i got my bf % to under 5% for the first time.  I wasn’t severely ill, so after seeing the Dr. I still worked out, but i stopped the interval stuff, took 2 weeks off from work and just recovered.

If crossfit could somehow take into account overtraining it could be like the ultimate athletic training. If it did take overtraining into account, then it would have to make some workouts straight intervals (lactic acid training) and some workouts heavy lifting with full recovery between sets. Training 2 different energy systems (ATP, glycolytic, or regular cardio) doesn’t necessarily have an impact on overtraining the other energy system (example: running 200-400m interval sprints will not affect weight training very much, the energy systems used are so different overtraining on one doesn’t necessarily affect the other).  But if crossfit did that, it would be exactly the same as top level athletic training: Defranco’s gym, westside, poliquin’s institute.They all do odd lifts, sled dragging, circuits, etc…. in addition to heavy ass bodybuilding and powerlifting lifts. They just don’t OVERDO it, on any one thing. Crossfit overdoes it on glycolytic, interval, lactic acid accumulation training. It is unhealthy to do, unless it in infrequent.

I do intervals too but i stop way short of one hour.  Crossfit style training is good, approximately once per week.  More often can be counterproductive.

2 thoughts on “Crossfit Rant

  1. I don’t drop a comment, however I read a great deal of responses on this page Crossfit Rant BEVANS 1 0 0 fitness. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you tend not to mind. Could it be only me or does it look like a few of the comments appear as if they are left by brain dead individuals? 😛 And, if you are posting at other online sites, I’d like to keep up with you.
    Could you list of all of your social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed,
    or linkedin profile?

  2. and Instagram @bevans100fitness. LinkedIn “Brendan Stack Evans” (I have 2 last names). Beware that I do not take Instagram too seriously, the place is full of illiterate fools.

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