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I am a no bullshit type of trainer so I will cut straight to the chase.  My area(s) of expertise are fat loss, anti aging, and training for aesthetic improvements.  If you have weight to lose (over 20 lbs), it is reasonable to expect a loss of 12+ lbs per month.  If you are training to improve the aesthetic appearance of your body and physique, you can expect weekly improvements if you take photographs in the same lighting.  If you are training for future military service, highschool or college sports, I will make you faster and more explosive.  Lastly, if you are simply training to improve your health, you will be hard pressed to find a fitness trainer in the south Broward area with a more extensive knowledge of cardiovascular conditioning, stretching, nutrition, supplementation, and essentially all things related to reversing aging.  I have experience working in nutrition, anti aging, personal fitness, and group fitness.  I also have experience training children, teens, young adults, middle aged adults, and seniors.

Why do I do what I do?

My older brother got me started weightlifting at age 13.  What started out as a supplement to football (linebacker), baseball (third base/center field), swimming (freestyle/breastroke), and tennis, grew into an obsession with the gym, nutrition, supplementation, and bodybuilding.  I just wanted to get huge like all the high school ball players.  As I grew older into my 20’s, I no longer saw a benefit to being extremely big and strong, especially while I was carrying around a decent amount of body fat (I was roughly 230lbs, and the highest I ever was, was 245 lbs, at 5’10).  All I wanted at this point was to feel good, look good, and LIVE LONG.  I set out on the journey to become as fit as possible, which included dieting, cardio, HIIT cardio, and the lifting I had already been doing for 10 years.  Eventually, I ended up with a plateau as far as progress, with the impressive stats of 5’10, 29 inch waist (down from 38″), a 5:15 mile, a 2 hour half marathon, a 260 lb bench press, 400 lb deadlift, and 315 lb squat.  I was very satisfied with my appearance and health, and I had accomplished something very few gym goers ever experience, SATISFACTION.  I had reached a level where I was happy to maintain where I was at, which meant I could relax and live a little, and still maintain an impressive, fit appearance, and excellent health.  I offer you the same experience today.

My style as far as customizing programs for clients, is that I understand everyone is different.  Everyone’s 100% effort looks different, and everyone struggles in different areas.  Some common areas people have trouble with are diet adherence, diet creativity (recipes), gym motivation, free time (especially parents), among many others.  I will help by creating a program that connects point A (where you are now) to point B (your goal) in the EASIEST way possible, and I will make sure you stick to the plan.  I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I am simply telling you that the trainer with the most nutritional and exercise knowledge, will usually be the one who either exceeds expectations and surpasses the original goal, or who reaches the goal with their client with the least possible amount of discomfort and inconvenience for the client.  Yes, there are shortcuts in fitness.  Don’t fall victim to silly pseudoscience and “rules” written in health magazines.  Everyone is different, and the ideal approach for each person is different.  This is based both on psychology and lifestyle, and also genetics.

As your trainer I pledge to help you reach your goals more quickly, and more easily than other trainers. 

Call now 954 200 1154 to setup a workout in your home gym, in a local commercial gym, or to setup an outdoor bootcamp style workout (which can also be a group workout with the cost split among those who attend).

4 thoughts on “Fitness, Nutrition, and Longevity!

  1. so i am 30 yrs old have never worked out before is this something that i should consider or should i go to a gym first …. im not affraid of hard work just tired of feeling tired

  2. HI Brendan its michelle we just met recently. I am not sure when you will see this message just wanted to say hi please contact me when you can I am interested in the bootcamp.

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